If you dream islands in faraway place, you don’t have to go so far from simple image of gleam white sand beach, palm fringed, crystal clear water, lush jungle forest. Bali and java is best choice as dream came true in real world paradise, so picturesque, immaculate and it could almost be painted back drop with terrace rice paddies trips down hillsides, volcanic mountains range, lush tropical jungle/forest, long sandy beaches warmly crystal blue water, friendly people. It is imbued with cultural–spiritual life of people. Bali and java have all this, absolutely abundances beauty, some untouched place, so exotic, intriguing, and it is something different one, can say superlative of outstanding!

The beauty of Bali and Java Island is dazzling you, enhanced with friendly charming people, nice culture–nature–life traditions, and there are not enough words to expressing here. Finally, we expect you to come join us!!!