Gedong Kirtya Singaraja (Bali Only Manuscript Museum)

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Gedong Kirtya Singaraja BaliIn the colonial period, in line with the Dutch colonial policy in Indonesia, in 1824 in Delft Holland opened such a course for government officials in the country Hindi. Netherlands for two years about “the people of the Netherlands Indies’ known by the name of” Indology “. Then in 1864 the center was moved from the study of Indology Delft to Leiden.

History of the Museum

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the Dutch government run Ethnic Politics in Indonesia, the world east began to open for field research, especially by groups orientalis. Thus halya in Bali starts visited by foreign researchers who had come to explore the cultural treasures stored in the “Island of Paradise” is. The sources of Bali on various aspects of community life can be found in the bibliography compiled by the C Lekkerker.Ker (1920), Raymond Kennedy (1962), David J. Stuart Fox (1979).

In an effort to save lontar palm widespread in the society from collapse due to inadequate treatment and there are also those who intend to sell to foreigners because of economic pressures, then the idea of the Resident of Bali and Lombok L. J. J. Caron to form a foundation that aims to collect lontar in Bali and Lombok to be placed in a building to make it easier for those who want to read and conduct research. By deed dated July 2, 1928 Kirtya Foundation formed by the composition of its personnel as follows : Chairman: L. J. J. Caron, Secretary B. Cox and Jelantik, its members consist of : I Gusti Putu Jelantik, Ida Pedanda Gede Made Pidada, Ida Putu Maron, Pedanda Made Kekeran, Pedanda Gde Anom Manuaba, Pedanda Made Pemaron Munggu, IGusti Putu Mayun / Pedanda Made Kekeran Punia, Sindu and Mami Hasim.

After completion of the building was constructed (in September 1928) was then given the name van der Tuvik Kirtya Liefrinck. On December 1 1931 Kirtya Jura Liefrinck van der Tuuk in Singaraja has been publish a cultural magazine “Bhawanegara” and Mededeelingen magazine containing the names or titles of Lontar collected in Gedong Kirtya.

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