Pura Tanah Lot Temple (Beraban-Kadiri-Tabanan)

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Pura Tanah Lot located on the beach, Beraban Village , sub Kediri , Tabanan regency. Located about 30 km. South-west of Denpasar city and about 11 km south of Tabanan town. Temple built on the land of the cliff of ± 3 acres (300 square meters) and can be reached within a few minutes by foot, because the distance is only about 100 meters from the beach, when seawater is receding.

There are some niche around of the cliff at around Pura Tanah Lot there are snakes colored stripes jali (lipi poleng) black and white are very tame and is considered by locals as belonging to the gods and as a guard. Under the temple there is fresh water-springs, and can be visited when the seawater was receded. The existence of these springs that into consideration, when Tanah Lot chosen as the location of  Temple .

Tanah Lot word consisting of word Tanah=Land, which means land of rock that resembles a small island. Lot / Lod mean sea/ocean Tanah Lot intended as a small island in the middle of the ocean.

Archaeological data of  Tanah Lot temple

In a building or Pelinggih (Shrine) there is a statue called Menhir that serves, among others, as a medium of worship to the worship of the potential nature force, perhaps because here relate to the sea. Pelinggih (shrine) is located on the top page of Pura Tanah Lot . In Pelinggih Tugu there is a lingga is also useful to worship the god Shiva in order to request safety.

Location Tanah Lot has been used in the megalithic period as a holy place, as evidenced by the Menhir. Start the influence of religion and Hindu culture in Bali (about the 8th century until the next period), with the Lingga, then on top of Tanah Lot can be said is there a shrine to worship the “Shiva Lingga”. In the 16th century has built according to   instructions of Danghyang Nirarta PuraTanah Lot without leaving a tradition that existed before. Before he setting up PuraTanahLot, that is where he felt the vibrations of purity and spiritual-perfection called ‘jiwan mukti’. Based on environmental conditions, then the structure was built on the plain Pura Tanah Lot rock irregular angles, which consists of only one plain / page as innards (core of yard). On this page there is a core building, among others: MeruTumpang 5 (shrine with 5 multi-roof), a media cult to worship “Bhatara Segara” or Dalem Ring Tengahing Samudra of the god Varuna (God of the Ocean), and Meru Tumpang 3 (shrine with 3 multi-roof), a media to worship for the glory of a meritorious Danghyang Nirarta preserve and develop the teachings of Hindu religion and culture.

To find out the status Pura Tanah Lot such known from the history of this temple, function, and presence of devotees who come to pray at the time of the ceremony piodalan. In this case, its know that:

1) Pura Tanah Lot Temple as Dang Kahyangan, because of the history and major Penyiwi of this temple is the Tabanan regency and surrounding communities. They will come with offerings offerings at piodalan (temple anniversary) conducted on every 210 days (6 months) on Buda Wage Langkir day.

2) Pura Tanah Lot Temple as Pura Segara because of its function as a holy place for worship of  Lord of the Ocean , the manifestation of God as the Lord God of the Ocean…..

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