Nusa Dua

by on December 14, 2011

Nusa Dua tourist area is an area of international-standard Elite Tourism in Bali is located in Badung regency. Taking into broad area of tourism is an area of 350 ha is a pilot which became the pride of the people of Bali and Indonesia, because the region has become one of the best tourist area in the world.

Nusa dua real name is the name of two small islands in the southern island of Bali (Nusa means island, and Dua means two) are separated by the sea and white sand, and from this name Nusadua name is taken.

This area was built starting in 1974, as a result of the consultant SCETO French (Societe Centrale pour l’Outre-mer equpeent Touristique) in 1970 and feasibility study conducted by PCI (Pacific Consultants International) in 1971-1973 for World Bank assistance dana . And the government handed over the management of this area to the BTDC (Bali tourism development Corporation. Ltd) was established under government regulations of the Republic of Indonesia number 27 year 1972, dated 12 November 1972. This region has the most complete tourism facilities in Bali, including in Indonesia, such as 5-star hotel accommodation as many as 11 units with 3875 rooms, besides that there is also a restaurant, sports facilities (including golf courses), the shopping center and other supporting facilities. The area has beautiful beach, for recreation and water sports.

In 1981, Garuda Indonesia Airways as the first investor in Nusadua, They build Nusadua beach, next investor in 1983 built Club Mediterranean hotels, Bali Sol / Melia Bali, and Hotel Putri Bali. Subsequently in 1987 built NusaIndah Sheraton, Sheraton Laguna, Galeria Nusadua, Grand Hyatt, Bali Hilton, and golf course, with its facilities, the area of tourism has been successfully achieved Nusadua 22-44 percent of foreign tourists visiting Bali.

Nusadua region has worked hard to improve the handling of the environment, Such as by conservation of birds for bird watching in Nusadua lagoon, wastewater treatment, taking into Airways in Lagoon aeration it has built in 1976 with a capacity of 10,000 / m3/day and others. This area is also in September 2003 has passed ‘bench marking’ the Green Globe tourism certification 21.

Earlier in this environment Nusadua tourism area has managed to get the PATA Green Leaf Award from the Indonesian government and the Kalpataru.

In Addition, the director of this area are Encouraging all businesses in the region to Achieve the highest certification in Trihita karana Awards and Accreditations from Bali’s own government, like many other Hotels have earned in this program. Between Nusadua distance from the city of Denpasar Kuta 30 km by road south and then east, or from the port of Benoa more briefly by boat Towards Tanjung Benoa. TheDistance from the airport to Nusadua just 12km, the road conditions are very good.

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