Mas Village (Wood Artwork)

by on December 13, 2011

The most basic identity of this village is a village of art with a focus on the Statue of wood carving art. Villages included in the District of Mas Ubud, Gianyar regency, has a distinctive style in the art of wood carving That puts the Statue of synergy characteristic humanism and naturalism. The worldwide fame of this village can not be separated from the Greatness of the names of some Maestro, WHO was born, raised and find the identity and spirit of art in the village of Mas is one of Them is Ida Bagus Tilem and others.

The results of this craft in the village, has the dimensions of a broad and diverse as statues for offerings (statues sculpture That has been through a sacred ceremony can be placed in the Shrine as a symbol of sacred statues), the social life of the dimensional representation of everyday Balinese society (Farmers, Fishermen, craftsmen, intellectuals, traders), the dimensions as a form of imaginative abstract artist who responds the nature, dynamics and the philosophy of life, dimensions that weight gain is large and extends to the interests souvenirs and commodities trading.

Mas Village communities as well as the dynamics of the other tourist villages in Bali, also has undergone a transformation from an agrarian society to industrial society and Crafts Art Community Continues to tourism services, although the village of Mas Synonymous with wooden sculpture is now growing in the presence of museum objects Rudana, one of Several monumental Museums of art and culture of Bali. Location Mas village, located in a strategic position can be reached from Various directions, from Denpasar, the village of Mas is only 15 km direction of travel to Ubud. The starting point is the T-junction gate Sakah Mas village, where a statue of the Giant Babies are very conspicuous. The statue is a symbol of the baby’s life in a Balinese man of trust and local wisdom is loaded with value, Philosophical, religious, and dynamism. In cognitive Balinese, is a representation of fertility and infant early stages of human life before entering the cycle of life as Brahmacari (learning) Grehasta (menage) Wanaprasta (spiritual maturation) sanyasin (preparation for death and eternal life in another world).

Mas Village as a tourist attraction in the Gianyar district, located in the villages of the art network, which also support each other, and complement. In the southern village of Mas is a village of rock, traditional village-style rock art, to the east is the village Kemenuh, a village of wooden handicraft center, the west is the village is Village LotTunduh painting, in the north is the village of Peliatan village dance and Karawitan a very famous worldwide. In the northeast part of the village of Mas is located GoaGajah attraction, is the archaeological cultural attractions as one of the representations about the tolerance of religious diversity and archaeological cultural heritage of Bali in the past.

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