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Three hundred years ago, has built (monastery) in the River Bank, which First Tukad Mati WITH Ship via layers. Boat into the interior to Kuta, so THAT is the Port trade kuta, kuta own name means fortress in the south, is the story of Kuta. Mads longe is Denmark trader living in the 19th century, commercial headquarters in Kuta cheap founded precisely in this Tukad Mati River. During Living in Bali, the dialogue is often a mediator between the Kings of Bali cheap Netherlands. Died In Mads longe, mysterious circumstances. Mads longe cemetery is located in River next to Chinese temple. Formerly Kuta is a small fishing village is very quiet, but it’s has been changed to now with a complete city. The city’s Office of supporters like the Post Office, Police Station, the market, Mall, chemist, modern shopping centers, Hospitals, etc. cheap. White sandy beach along the beach, there are many Hotels.

Kuta is located 11 km to the south of the city of Denpasar and can be reached easily using public transports from Tegal bus terminal with a long trip just 15menuts. Kuta is the fastest growing areas in Bali, and it’s heaven for tourists, kuta meet almost all needs of tourists, such as white sand, the perfect place to visit bars, restaurants, cafeterias, disco tic, and others who make an impressive nightlife. Along the way there are numerous stalls selling a wide range of articles for the tourists. Kuta is very popular with surfing activity in addition to a captivating sunset at dusk day. Kuta now a tourist destination of the ‘low to high budget’, young people especially tourists. One of the new tourist object in Kuta is related to the Monument which was built Kuta bombing tragedy events on 12 October 2002. Kuta bomb which exploded in front Sari Club as well as in the paddy’s bar in Legian, Kuta. It is kill 202 people died, in addition to many minor and severe injuries, as well as resulting in property losses. Very real impact of the bomb after it was due to layoff jobless employees of Hotels that do not have the opportunity to work in hotels and related businesses in the absence of tourists who dare to come to Bali at the time after the bomb exploded. All the victims have been in immortalized his name and his country’s flag at Ground Zero monument called by the tourists.

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