Kintamani-Penelokan-Mount and Lake Batur

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Kintamani district is a mountain village that is in the area crater of Mount Batur in Bali. With a very stunning and Batur lake and hot springs. In addition, a very attractive natural surroundings. There are six ancient villages around cauldron of Batur Lake which is often referred to as the Village Bali Age has a culture, a house, and the unique lifestyles. This area consists of several villages, namely: Kedisan Village, Buahan Village , Abang Village, Trunyan Village, Songan Village, south Batur Village, Batur Middle Village, Batur North Village, Sukawana Village, and Kintamani Village, with a total area of 160 sq. km. The population in this area about 15 thousand people, mostly their livelihood as; farmers, traders or work related to the tourism industry.

Gunung Batur, eruptions occurred in this area at least four times since 1800. and is still active today. With the eruption of this mountain is a big impact on the lives of surrounding communities, such as moving a place of worship, to improve the village and re-arrange the existing tradition. Batur lake is the largest lake in Bali that serves as a source of irrigation for farmers in surrounding areas as well as for Balinese society in general. Batur village used to be down in the crater, a violent eruption of volcano in 1917 killed thousands of people destroyed more than 60.000 houses, 2.000 temples. Although, the village wiped out the lava flow has stopped, at the entrance of villager’s temple. Taking this a good omen, the village was rebuilt, only to have Batur erupt again in 1926. this time the lava flow covered all but the loftiest temple shrine. Finally, the Dutch government anticipated the eruption and evacuated the village, partly by force, so that very few lives were lost. The village was relocated up on the crater rim, and the surviving shrine was moved up and placed in the new temple, Pura Ulundanu Batur  Construction of this temple in 1927 Gunung Batur is the second most important mountain in Bali, only Gunung Agung outranks it.


The best view points of Penelokan village, Penelokan means a place “to see”, has a superb view across to Gunung  Batur and down to Lake Batur in the bottom of the crater, the road runs around the edge of the crater narrow to Penulisan village, where you can look back to the crater , or turn the other way and see Bali’s north coast that spreads far below. Kintamani area has been established the inn, Hotels jasmine, and restaurants, are located in the village of Kintamani and Penelokan. The best time to visit Kintamani is, at lunchtime while enjoying the view of Mount and Lake Batur from this Penelokan Village.

Mount Batur

Soar in the middle is a large crater outside the cone Gunung  Batur, at 1717 meters high above sea level. The last eruption in 1971 and 1974. This crater has a number of features including volcanic lava flows, lava tubes, parasitic cones and craters in the crater.

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