Batubulan Village (Stone Artwork)

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Batubulan is an artists village, at the west gate of the Gianyar regency. Identity and image as an art village go national, and worldwide are built through the art of dance Barong (Barong and Kris dance) are performed every day at five places that village barong stages, namely: Pura Puseh stage, stage Tegal Tamu, Denjalan stage, stage and stage Sahadewa Sila Budaya. The appeal of this cultural tourism as a whole comes from diversity, and arts village of  Batubulan potential quality  include dance, musical art, sculpture, literature.

In the village of this art, in addition to art touristic but also live entertainment arts (balih-balihan) and sacred art (seni Wali). Batubulan village, in the beginning is an agrarian village, which is supported by the craft of stone carving sand stone ( padas). Relying on the potential of art, strategic location and village networks its open locally, nationally, globally, this village later grew form the cultural attractions, which are very attractive and popular. The entire network of tour packages to Bali tourism center, and east of Bali Batubulan originated or passed through the village. Terminal Batubulan strategic role as a communication node into seven city districts in Bali: Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem and Buleleng for individual categories of travelers and explorers by land transport facilities. Batubulan an opening to reach the network relationships across Bali. Batubulan village situated at a distance of 8 km from the city of Denpasar, capital city of Bali province. This village consists of three indigenous villages: Tegal Tamu traditional village, villages and rural Indigenous Peoples Jero kuta Delod Tukad. In it covered 16 banjar. Demographically, this village is relatively densed populated villages, with a population of approximately 11,500 people with 2,800 kk.

The Etimology, Batubulan name stems from two words; stone and the moon (moon stone) which literally means sturdy and soft shine, as well as reflect on the meaning of social resilience in carrying brightness and cultural arts. In the legend of the historical-mythological perspective, Batubulan name removed from the figures finding Kalesan Gods, a warrior and pioneer in the area of ​​forest opening Batubulan. Through joint activities, in the past in the opening (perabasan) dense forest, found a unique location as a supposedly religious one sacred stone that emits light. Place in the emic view Batubulan believed to be the origin of the territory, a community that is now named the village Batubulan. in these locations are situated in the middle of the village lands since ancient till now stood a temple called Pura Batubulan.

Eminent objects and the main attraction Batubulan village, within the framework maps the attractions is the art of Balinese Barong Dance and stone carving padas. This object is more exposed, l because sustained by the tourist attraction’s growing and diverse.

Diversity Batubulan attraction in tourism include; # The development of craft and trade cloth weaving, batik fabric, cloth endek / bind. # The growing diversity of the art of dance performances for tourists; Barong dance, Kecak Dance, Trance Fire, Joged dance, Legong dance. # Availability of interesting location, comfortable and artistic to the implementation of Bali Night Dinner. # The Pura Puseh (Kahyangan Tiga) with a pattern of structure and magnificent architecture and grand. # Spread down the street from the village, artshop with carved stone sculptures, made of lava stone and yellow stones and gray sand stone of Bali rock.

As a tourist attraction and business district rocks carved , Batubulan villages visited by tourists day and night.

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