Banyuwangi Ethnic Carnival Prospective for Annual Festival

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Banyuwangi Government will hold a Carnival on October 22 2011. Carnival will present local culture that is included of contemporary Banyuwangi. “We are led, for example, devoted to dance and other arts of Damarwulan, “said Head of Culture and Tourism of Banyuwangi regency, Mr.Suprayogi.

To reinforce the concept of the carnival they took Mr.Dinand Faris, founder of Jember Fashion Carnival. Dinand Faris was asked to become a consultant because it was considered a success of this carnival held a carnival in Jember, Jember has been succeed introduce festival to the world.

According Mr.Suprayogi, the carnival is expected to Banyuwangi become a tourist destination by foreign tourists a note. October was chosen because it is estimated there are still many foreign tourists are still traveling in Banyuwangi and Bali. Banyuwangi government budgeted $ 500 million from the Budget 2011 changes to the event involving at least 350 participants.

Secretary of Banyuwangi Arts Council, Mr.Hasan Basri, said if the BEC successful implementation, the local government’s targeting may introduce Banyuwangi to the world stage can also be achieved.

This carnival, Hasan said, would be a space for artists to create and promote local cultural the dynamics of local culture. However, he doubted this event could be able to preserve cultural authenticity. “Because the approach is more on culture carnival,” he said.

Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival the day first of workshop preparation

At glance : On Monday, Sept 19 running smooth. The event that took place in Training center building of civil servants,  100 people attended by the high school students. First session of this workshop specially designed Damarwulan Theme. After designed the costumes with Damarwulan theme, each person received training on the coloration of their images will be evaluated directly by instructors to know which ones are good and which ones are less good. After that they were taught how to produce the costumes. Each person has a different design and made by his own on a paper sheet. They were gave only a few examples of inspiring images through slides and examples of original costumes of Damarwulan, Janger, Gandrung and Kundharan. “It is rather difficult anyway, but this is exciting too,” said one participant.

After that, they were taught how to produce the costumes. Not only that, they will also be trained in dance, fashion shows and make-up techniques. Similar to the other 200 people who will carry the Kundharan Gandrung theme and later in Banyuwangi Ethnic Carnival will also get the same training. “Each participant was given the opportunity to follow a theme workshop for two days and two nights,” explained by Head of Culture and Tourism, Mr.Suprayogi.

Added Suprayogi, this workshop is not just providing the material. But for the future there is a kind of new skills, independence and style that make participants more confident in their life. While Vice President of Jember Fashion Carnival Mr. Suyanto, who was present to give the material added to optimize the potential of our students until  the show time arrives, will achieve what is expected. ” The participants who had zero about it, will feel great after attending this workshop. That’s our optimism,” he said firmly.

While the Cultural Head of Banyuwangi Subari Sofyan, judging by this event Banyuwangi community will feel the excitement of the Agustusan carnival and the City anniversary, because there is a more powerful cultural values capable of guarding our local culture to a broad audience in mind of people beyond to this regency.

UPDATE : VISIT Banyuwangi Ethno Carnival  2 , November  18 2012


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